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VitrumNet selects Serverius to outsource its network management

By using Serverius its efficient IP network management and monitoring service NOCaaS, VitrumNet achieved the highest IP network quality ever.

Meppel, July 23,  – VitrumNet, operator of its own fiber optic network in the region around  ​​Barendrecht and the Drechtsteden up to Gorinchem and Leerdam, is the latest customer for Serverius NOC as a Service. VitrumNet outsourced the network and backbone management to Serverius, while  staying in control of customer relations and other business aspects. Co-operating with Serverius NOC as a Service resulted in simplified response  to customer requests and reduction of costs.

Since 2005, VitrumNet manages and operates a fiber optic network that has been commissioned by 26 regional non-profit organizations. VitrumNet its IP connectivity services are exclusively available to  the 20,000 companies in the region. The services are provided in close cooperation with regional and local partners.

Future-ready  network

“A few years ago we decided to prepare our network for the future,” says Wico van Helden, Managing Director, VitrumNet. “For us, future-ready means, among other things, creating more flexibility for our customers and expanding our service offerings. To achieve that, we need maximum control over the network. ”

Getting a better grip on the network based business model,  where bandwidth capacity to Amsterdam is rented, was impossible. Van Helden: “The trend is that capacity providers are increasingly adding more and more services .  They compete with us and the companies we are working with. We consider that  to be not in the interest of our customers.”

VitrumNet Wiko

VitrumNet therefore opted for the roll-out  of its own backbone (“national ring”) to Amsterdam. Simultaneously VitrumNet wanted to outsource the management of  the new backbone and other parts of the changed architecture to a reliable third party, but under its own specific conditions. Van Helden: “We did not want  to outsource our network completely. We wanted to stay in final control and continue  to provide  first line support to our customers. We made it mandatory  that VitrumNet and its third party continue to  work together  to optimize management while adding new features. What we required  was close cooperation and a match between the companies.”

NOC as a Service

First contact between VitrumNet and  Serverius were on other  issues than network management. Gijs van Gemert, CEO of Serverius: “During our first contact, we learned that VitrumNet had a much broader ranging  and more complex question. What also struck us was that their view of network management fitted in seamlessly with ours. Soon we found out  that our NOC as a Service was the perfect answer to their outsourcing requirements.”

Serverius NOC as a Service is available  since 2017. Van Gemert: “VitrumNet is a fine example of the customer profile for these services. They themselves take responsibility for the first-line support and management. They rely on the expertise of the NOC specialists at Serverius for the more complex issues.”

Van Helden: “We chose Serverius NOC as a Service, because this leaves us  in control of our entire network up to the internet nodes. Management and monitoring is automated and standardized on a large scale. This allows us to respond to market demands faster and better. That is a big difference with the past, where we were dependent on external providers. Moreover, thanks to the combination of a new network architecture and NOC as a Service from Serverius, we make significant cost savings.”

“Serverius pays a lot of attention to automation, standardization and clear documentation,” says Van Gemert. “As a result, the customer is able to do much more himself. That is also the case with NOC as a Service. We provide the tooling for management and monitoring, putting VitrumNet more in  control  than ever before.”

The solution of choice for NOC outsourcing

The experience with VitrumNet reinforces Serverius’  conviction that NOC as a Service is a service that really helps the market. It’s the perfect solution for administrators and operators of networks who, just like VitrumNet, want or need to retain control, but still want to outsource part of the daily activities. The case with VitrumNet also shows that NOC as a service can be implemented surprisingly quick. From  the first conversations to delivery of NOC as a Service took less than three months.

About VitrumNet
VitrumNet operates the regional fiber network of Broadband Drechtsteden Groep BV for business use. The network is fully owned and currently serves the Barendrecht – Drechtsteden – Gorinchem – Leerdam region.