The advantage of IP security in the datacenter

Looking at the top datacenters in the Netherlands, each of them have high level of security measures for their datacenters. Different levels of physical security for entering the datacenter, lots of procedures, all to secure your hardware in the best possible way. Depending on the technical quality level, each of them have excellent redundant setup for their hardware. And the different ISO certifications, for instance ISO 27001, are of course all up-to-date. Nevertheless, you can undertake all those security measures only if you are unable to secure your data-traffic, attackers will still be able to steel your data or bring your hardware down. So what about the IP security your datacenter can offer you? Does it comply with the same level of security as the datacenter itself?

“Can you setup your own security zone?
Are the costs within my budget?
Are you secure on all levels?”

IP security on carrier level

The question what we should ask ourselves is how we are able to secure your hardware and IP infrastructure as a whole. At Serverius, we are aware of these risks, and some years ago we started to assist our users with protecting their IP usage. We asked ourselves how we could provide a secure environment for our clients and how can we provide the highest amount of up-time. The solution was simple; ‘We created our own IP Protection service’. The service should be easy to use and flexible enough for clients to create their own level of security. Secondly; it should be able to communicate with the hardware of the client, to be really a part of the clients infrastructure. Because the world is changing day by day, Serverius created their own R&D to develop constantly and implement new functionalitys on an weekly basis so our users can win their cat and mouse battle against attacks. After a few years of development, our clients are in full control and can setup their own security layer.

After years of optimization, our DDoS protection service is running smoothly. We took it to the next level and build our own mega cluster to run future technology to win the battle. Currently we are working on our own Web Application Firewall (WAF). This is a new solution for our hosting customers who are in need of the best Layer 7 security. This service is even for free for everyone to use.

Service provider differences

If you compare most datacenters within the Netherlands with each other you will see there is a big difference in what they can offer you. Most of them are connected to a broad network and offering good connectivity but do not offer anything to secure a network. Some will offer 3rd party services which are not integrated into the carrier network of the datacenter. Or they offer you only single services, for instance DDoS protection or only WAF protection. There is non who is able to provide a combination of tooling at all, especially when it comes to protection on carrier level.

Within the Netherlands we have over 15 serious colocation companies. Because of this amount the competition is intense and the level of quality is quite poor. Logical of course, because every datacenter has to survive in this competitive marked. The sad side effect is that non of the Dutch datacenters offer any own developt IP security, they rely on third party tooling. There are some sponsored initiatives, some industry association, but non of them can go with the current developments. The reason for this is they lack to have an own R&D department, and they are using outdated technology which cannot beat any of the attacks you see today.

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Always one step ahead

Compared to other datacenters, at Serverius we established a new research and development (R&D) department. This means that we don’t have to rely on a third party who is responsible for the security service. What we want and how we want it, we will create ourselves. Whenever a client wants some specific functionality, our R&D will get in direct contact with the client and together they work out the details. In many cases, the new functionality was implemented in only a few days. Like you will understand. with a happy client as result.

The added value is of such importance for the current colocation market, we invested over 37% of our overall yearly revenue into the further development of IP Security. With our Web Application Firewall and upcoming machine learning we really add value for our clients. It’s one step ahead of the forth growing cyber crime.

Within Serverius we try to provide the client an all-in-one solution. Our services are in an constant process for optimization. By doing so, we became market leader within the Netherlands with our colocation and IP Security services. Interested in more information, or if you would like to come and visit one of our Tech Talk events, contact us directly for an appointment.

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