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Qbine pricing

“Website security, hygiene, and performance. Just in an all-in-one package”

Qbine packages contain everything you need to protect, secure, and optimize your websites.

Website optimization & protection packages

When using Qbine, you can keep your current hosting provider. You do not need to move your data, change webhosting settings or install additional software. Just create your account, change the webhosting IP in your domain name DNS and Qbine is added to your website.

Q1 Starter

0,- monthly

This Q1 package is ideal for people with personal or hobby projects that are not business-critical.

Amount of websites*: 1
Amount of domain names: 10

* A website is a collection of web pages that are identified by one or multiple “domain names” and published on at least one web server.

Unlimited legitimate bandwidth
Small or large website, your legitimate data-traffic is unlimited.

Attached (sub) domain names
You can point 10 (sub) domain names to your website.

Automated SSL certificates
Automated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for every domain name.

Layer 3, 4 and, 7 DDoS protection
DDoS protection for your website with unlimited scrubbing bandwidth.

100% Rest-API functionality
Advanced rest API functionality to automate into your own business model.

Basic statistics
Basic statistics of all enabled functionality, such as the amount of passed and/or blocked HTTPS requests.

Internet standards improvements
Application security options that activate browser mechanisms.

Content Security Policy builder
Define what web pages are allowed to load website content.

EOKM child abuse filtering
Be sure that your application does not host any child abuse.

Web Application Firewall
OWASP Core Rule Set support which will protect your web application and will stop attacks.

GEO IP filtering
Geo IP filtering, a technology that can block web traffic from entire countries.

Source IP rate limiting
Reduce anomalous amounts of requests from hitting your site or specific pages on your site.