Upgrade Serverius Datacenter 1

Increasing Serverius datacenter 1 with another 250 high density colocation racks will increase the amount of power with another redundant 1MW. As a transparent company we show our users how we did it and that we did it the best way possible.

On this page we inform our users about the upgrade of our datacenter. If you are a (potential) client and you want to visit the construction, please let us know.

November 2019 – The new data room is finished! Ready for use!

July 2019 – Work is still continuing on the renewal of the datacenter. You can already see what the new entrance will look like.

Serverius datacenter upgrade

April 2019 – the first row of extinguishing gas is on its place.

April 2019- The additional thermal insulation on the outside of the building is ready.

March 2019- 1MW+1 of indirect free air (adiabatic) cooling is running!

adiabatic cooling

Feb 2019- The first racks are ready to use!

20 January – The first cooling towers, the snow of 2019… 🙂

adiabatic airco

10 January 2019: The first A power (N+1 up to the generators) power is working and the first (real-time) 100kW is consumed by the first users 🙂

21 December: The power of ABB and Serverius. After the their perfect job of expanding Serverius datacenter 1 ABB made this movie to show the result of the partnership between ABB and Serverius.

18 December: Today we got our permit from the local government to start to rebuild all offices.

12 December – Today the first batch sun panels are installed.

datacenter sun panels

October 30 – Today the first new 800 kVA generators arrived. A set of 3 generators will work as one to deliver a redundant N+1 setup per 1 MegaWatt divider.

E-TEC generators

October 18 – The first ABB divider is currently being installed.

October 18 – And also the first modular 1 Megawatt UPS is on its place 🙂

October 16 – The boss sees the 2 Megawatt power connection upgrade is working well.

The renewed roofing is white as snow… 😉 It also can handle (possible) heavy rain in the future.

The new Schneider adiabatic coolers are on their way!

Update 11 September 2018: The first cabling arrived…


Eight years ago Serverius started SDC1 in Dronten and has since grown considerably. Also the second datacenter SDC2 in Meppel is almost sold out. That is why it is currently the existing datacenter SDC1 will be renewed and doubled in size. Gijs van Gemert talks about the start of Serverius and the changes which will made to the existing datacenter.

Read (in Dutch) the interview of the magazine DATACENTER & CLOUD DOSSIER 2018 with Gijs van Gemert >>

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