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Celebrating partnership: Serverius and Panduit

“Given the company’s growth ambitions, this realized solution is also a blueprint for multiple colocations.”

Robert Dogan, Account Executive at Panduit

Serverius increases availability and quality of colocation services with Panduit

Panduit, supplier of network infrastructure solutions, works together with Serverius IT infrastructure to increase the availability and quality of colocations. With data centers in Apeldoorn, Dronten and Meppel, Serverius is the largest independent supplier in the Netherlands of colocations, connectivity and cybersecurity services. The company has opted for Panduit because of their proactive thinking about solutions that increase the availability and quality of colocations and the possibility to deliver customization.

Solution for future developments

Serverius has been providing colocation services, connectivity and cybersecurity to internet service providers, cloud- and web hosting providers and a large number of companies for over ten years. “About 80% of our turnover comes from customers outside Europe, who do business with Serverius because of the availability and quality of our services,” says CEO Gijs van Gemert. “To take both of these to a higher level, we started looking for a new supplier for all necessary racks, gutters and intelligent power. Many suppliers can provide some customization with options, but Panduit showed interest from the first contact to implement a new standard for future developments in collaboration with our engineers. As a result, for example, we now have 15 wide and deep 51u racks with integrated intelligent PDUs, for the next generation of active equipment. ”

Synergy opportunities

“At Serverius, we have implemented a future-proof colocation in Dronten by having the engineers of both companies work closely together,” says Robert Dogan, Account Executive Datacenter – Colocation & Cloud at Panduit. “Given the company’s growth ambitions, this realized solution is also a blueprint for multiple colocations. The collaboration also offers interesting synergy opportunities, because we can show other potential customers the latest developments at Serverius in practice and thereby put them in touch with a supplier of complementary services. ”