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Open datacenter night 2021

Have you ever been in a datacenter by night?

Register now for the open night on November 9th, 2021!

Have you ever wondered what a datacenter is or what happens during the night? Do you want to see what is going on behind closed doors? Or what it takes to make you able to use the internet and store your files safely in the cloud? Find out during one of the tours on November 9th in Dronten!

Serverius opens its doors in SDC1 for tours in the dark!

A datacenter is a highly technical entity, usually inaccessible for outsiders. However, on November 9th Serverius opens its doors in their facility in SDC1,  Dronten. Visit a datacenter by night and see where DDoS attacks are stopped, huge amounts of data is stored and transported, and what it takes to keep online services going.

As part of the Open Datacenter Day, organised by the Dutch Datacenter Association, Serverius hands the opportunity to look behind closed doors and ask everything that you want to know about IT, cybersecurity and colocation. Register now and pay an exclusive visit to one of our facilities, after opening hours!