New data room at DC2 is ready!

New data room at DC2 is ready!

Sem Hindriksen, June 3th, 2016
I am really proud of our Engineers for the huge amount of work they have put into it! With an addition of 140 brand new racks, Serverius is now the largest commercial datacenter in central Netherlands and leading with our DDoS Protection Cloud.

The construction is performed perfectly. Together with the new entrance you can see all our cooling alley’s. The new expansion is also visible from outside the data room so every visitor will have a clear view of our colocation product.

Since yesterday the first new costumers start using the new racks. If you are interested in our expansion you can register to our “open datacenter night” for a free tour.

coolingalley serverius

cooling alley datacenter room

cooling alley room serverius

dataroom serverius

To celebrate the new data room I created a colocation sale. This will provide the opportunity for new users to start using the new data room with extra low cost. Check the special webpage at:

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