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BGP Network Engineer

We create, improve, develop, and maintain. Therefore, all fanatic people are welcome at Serverius. You’re not another “nine to five working hands,” because you’ll get the job done with your excellent set of brains.

Interested? Email your resume to jobs@serverius.net Don’t forget to add your coolest skills, your character description, salary wish, references, etc.

BGP networking engineer

BGP is probably even older than yourself, so therefore it won’t have secrets for you anymore. Configuring a router is not a problem for you, but getting the best out of routing hardware by tuning internet exchanges, IP-transits, direct fiber-connected peers, and using Flowspec will make your work more than a default router maintainer.

Everyone is talking about techniques like Openflow/SDN/VXLAN, but you want to really work with it. You will configure, monitor, and maintain the newest hardware, and together with the R&D, you will create new network security cloud products. You like to work with brands like Juniper, Huawei, etc., and have fun doing it with your three other colleagues.

Enjoy solving complex issues, whether they are related to hardware, network, or security. Gloating that you have the power to control a range of systems, you set out to share your expertise where ever it is needed. Because let’s face it: the geeks in the company are nothing without you. You just want to innovate and get a rush from pushing hardware to its limits.

General vacancies notes

  • Be aware that Serverius is a modern company without a lot of hierarchy. Each person works on the basis of his own responsibilities and own projects, whereby he should add his own added value. Therefore, you should be able to make your own decisions without some manager telling you to. We work to keep our Serverius users happy, and we develop and improve to exist even after 10 years. Therefore we improve our services on a daily basis.
  • All technical engineering Jobs are full-time, 5 days a week. Although the default working weeks consist of 40 hours, sometimes you are required to work outside of these default hours. When you work unexpectedly more than 8 hours a day, all extra hours will always be compensated the next day. Simply because we want to keep all people healthy for more than only a few years.
  • Serverius ensures that everyone has a basic pension, whereby everyone is free to contribute extra money themselves.
  • Serverius is a 100% Dutch company, and most of us speak Dutch. Although English is the official language within the company, we understand you could not a native speaker. Therefore, depending on the job function type, you need to have the ability to speak English at a certain level that’s needed to communicate between colleagues and clients.
  • Everyone has a personal sports budget per month. With this, you can pay for your gym, any sports club, or join your personal sporting event.
  • If you are from outside the Netherlands it is no problem to work at Serverius. The company Serverius is an official IND-registered “knowledge migrants” company. With this permission, we are able to hire people outside Europe and help them to get an apartment near the office.
  • A healthy working environment is offered where everything is done not to burn people out. Serverius therefore does not like people who consciously harm themselves by, for example, smoking.

Interested? Email your resume to jobs@serverius.net Don’t forget to add your coolest skills, your character description, salary wish, references, etc.