Serverius initiator of new internet exchange SpeedIX

Serverius initiates the start of a new internet exchange: the SpeedIX It’s a non commercial peering initiative between several network and datacenter owners which are offering free 10G peering ports and a 1G VLAN from their own network PoP locations.

The SpeedIX is much more powerful than conventional internet exchanges because its a community of network owners. Its not again one party with another Exchange again, no the community rules Sergey Petukhin says. Also the SpeedIX network range is quite large from the start. Members can already connect on many places in the Netherlands, way more than for example the AMS-IX which is only located in the Amsterdam city ring region. Yes, the SpeedIX is also in the same Amsterdam city ring, but mainly from the upper north to the south regions. Therefore the SpeedIX is much more than another new internet exchange initiative like there are many.

Because there where many free peering startup projects in the past which where all gone after a while because of a lack of long term support and professionalism. To avoid the same happening Serverius has decided to embrace this non profit project it for a long time. Just because our engineering team likes the project and to supporting a better internet.

About the Speed-IX

The SpeedIX is a non commercial peering initiative between Autonomous Systems (AS) owners. It is a community of networks owners that are all offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G transport VLAN and selling their own additional services.

The SpeedIX has been created to encourage peering in general. It adds value to the European peering climate by offering it for free peering with advanced functionality. Its a non profit project, it’s free, and therefore it’s allot of fun! The SpeedIX should not be compared with other existing Internet exchanges because beside default old fashion Internet Exchange peering, the SpeedIX offers also allot of other services by its Members and Partners like IP-transit, AWS Direct Connect, DDoS/WAF protection, connection to other Internet Exchanges, Microsoft ExpressRoute, etc.

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