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Serverius R&D won the DDoS attack hackathon

During the two day “Neutral Peering Days 2018” conference, our Serverius R&D department won the DDoS attack hackathon organized by the Netherlands Internet Exchange (NL-IX), during the Neutral Peering Days.

Mathijs Merema of Serverius: “In only 2 days a priority queue reverse proxy Layer 7 defense mechanism. The priority queue is a layer 7 defensive tool that protects web applications from DDoS attacks directed at the requests which produce the heaviest loads. This tool aims to ensure the continuation of service for legitimate traffic.

Requests that enter this proxy are added to a queue to be handled based on a priority score.
Under normal circumstances requests will be handled immediately. When experiencing a too heavy load, requests from sources that send too many of them will increase their score, resulting in a lower priority. This score will then be further increased by the difference between the average load for the current uri, and the global average load.

With this score the result will be that abnormal use (for example an attack), will gain increasingly heavier penalties until their dropped completely, while normal traffic will always be added to the front of the queue, and handled without delay.

When requests remain in the queue for too long, either the chance will be offered to validate for fair use, or the request will be dropped completely.

This will be one of many techniques used by our new Qbine platform to ensure the safety for and the continuation of service for web applications.”