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Serverius contact information

Serverius offers IT infrastructure services. These high-quality services are used by IT companies that need core infrastructure-services.

Our users are large internet platforms, data centers, IT security companies, internet service providers, and cloud providers. Companies are using Serverius as their IT infrastructure to deliver services to their end-users. They all have one thing in common; they need high-quality and protected internet infrastructure services which they can trust.

Serverius B.V. – VAT: NL821564808B01 – KvK (chamber of commerce): 34367179

Support department

The Serverius support desk is available 7 days a week on-site (in the data center). The normal office hours are from Monday – Friday from 09:00-17:00 hours and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-16:00 hrs (CET). You can create a ticket, send an e-mail, call or chat to our engineers but a support ticket is always leading. For urgent matters you need to create a 24/7 OC remote hand (response in a few minutes) and after this, call the NOC department with your unique remote hand number.

Phone: +31(0)887378374

NOC department

The Serverius support desk is 7 days a week available.

Always: First create a ticket in your client panel before you are calling with the NOC. You will automatically receive a ticket (case) number which you need at hand when calling. Without a ticket number our engineers can not offer any support.

Direct phone: +31(0)887378374

Finance department

The Serverius finance department is 5 days a week available by email or ticket (during the normal office hours).

abn amro bank
European Bank (for Euro payments): IBAN: NL12ABNA0506519309 – SWIFT/BIC: ABNANL2A

American Bank (for dollar payments): NL65 ABNA 0434 9304 15

Finance department phone: +31(0)887378374

Sales & solutions

Serverius does not have a sales department but some of our technical engineers will advise our clients. They can speak English, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish and will always honestly advise you to order the best possible solution.

Direct sales phone: +31(0)887378303

Facility 1: Serverius Data Center Dronten (SDC1)

Address: Serverius B.V., De Linge 26, 8253PJ, Dronten, The Netherlands

Facility 2: Serverius Data Center Meppel (SDC2)

Address: Serverius B.V., Ketelskamp 10, 7942KG, Meppel, The Netherlands

Facility 3: Serverius Data Center Apeldoorn (SDC3)

Address: Serverius B.V., Laan van de Ram 39, 7324BW, Apeldoorn

Certified data center and IP network

The Serverius colocation data center and its IP network services are from many years ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified (externally checked by BSI). This showed that Serverius is professionally managed and fully under control of all protocols and processes. Download here the official certificates.

Supporting a better internet

Serverius is a privately owned company that is operating without profit goals. Yes, we are 100% commercial, but our main business objectives are to provide and develop new-generation infrastructure services above making a profit. Therefore we join and support many technical conferences and also provide projects like Heimdall, Qbine and SpeedIX.

Professional organization participant

Because of our long term technical engineering focus, we like to contribute to the improvement of the European internet. We like to discuss the way our profession should go to and share information with others to receive knowledge in return.

We believe that our industry has ended up in way too many statutory regulations. As a result, the quality of the internet deteriorates and the sector must respond as a team to prevent more opposition towards our business sector. Therefore we are pleased that we have been able to participate in recent years to the DINLNL-NOG, and the Dutch Datacenter Association.

DINL Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland

Angrynerds podcast sponsor ServeriusThe sponsor of the Angrynerds podcast

Serverius is sponsoring the Dutch podcast Angrynerds. This sharp podcast full of critic nerds is discussing the status of the Dutch internet with all its new technology, privacy, and security issues. The widely respected panel of the host Marcel van der Velde (Ethical Hacking Trainer | Journalist | Public Speaker), Brenno de Winter (expert in information security, privacy and IT), Jeroen Baten (trainer and Open Source expert), Marjolein Hermans (Radiomaker en security specialist) and every podcast a new guest which is discussing the latest news with its own unique nerdy humor.

As an IT company that provides various commercial and non-commercial internet services, we believe it is very important that people in the Netherlands continue to look critically at political internet rule changes, the result of new initiatives on the internet, and discussing which things are could or already went wrong security-wise. This relaxed podcast contributes to this all. That is why we express our financial support for it.

Research & Development (R&D) department

To offer our clients real initiative services that are ahead of others, Serverius has its own Research and Development department (R&D). This group of programmers/engineers continuously creates and improves all Serverius services and is also developing innovative services like Qbine, DDoS protection, and AIaaS services. Simply because we think things we can do things better and more integrated in addition to all current services.