Carrier Connect:
In-house carriers at Serverius

The Serverius datacenters on-site carriers, ISPs and Internet Exchanges
are offering cloud services, WDM and many 1G, 10G and 100G IP services.

The datacenters of Serverius are connected by many internal carriers. These are used by many internal carriers that offer IP transit and other carrier services. Short fiber paths give customers the best possible connectivity in Europe.

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RETN international

Luc Janssen
+31 (0) 6 23846517

Amsterdam Internet Exchange

You can connect in the official AMS-IX Amsterdam Nikhef PoP by transport of the SPEED-IX or connect directly by one of the AMS-IX local resellers.

Cogent amsterdam


Elte Buringa
+31 (0) 204621445

Up to 10G it’s also possible to get a direct BGP session to Cogent on a Serverius (unmetered) port. Your own Cogent pricing can be used and it will save you datacenter cross-connects. And in addition you can get other Services like SpeedIX peering etc. Sent a email to

A2B Internet

Eric Bais

DataDiensten Fryslân

Arnoud Annema
+31-(0)58 845 80 00


Robert Heuvel
+31 20 750 6800


Sales department
+31 (0)70 312 07 10

British Telecom Global Services

John van Kleef
+31 (0)88 212 6141


Joost van Laar
+31 (0)53 711 41 50

KPN wholesale

Wholesale Sales Team
+31 (0)70-4460075

Relined Fiber

Relined sales
+31 (0)347358010


Arjan Kunstman
+31 (0)6 14 77 6338

Eurofiber Netherlands

T: +31(0)30 242 8993

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