Carrier Connect:
In-house carriers at Serverius

The Serverius datacenters on-site carriers, ISPs and Internet Exchanges
are offering dark fiber, WDM and many 1G, 10G and 100G IP services.

The 3 datacenters of Serverius are interconnected by redundant Serverius fibers. If a carrier is not available in the datacenter of your choice, you can use the Serverius interconnect for transport.

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RETN international

Luc Janssen
+31 (0) 6 23846517

Amsterdam Internet Exchange

You can connect in the official AMS-IX Amsterdam Nikhef PoP by transport of the SPEED-IX or connect directly by one of the AMS-IX local resellers.

Cogent amsterdam


Elte Buringa
+31 (0) 204621445

Up to 10G it’s also possible to get a direct BGP session to Cogent on a Serverius (unmetered) port. Your own Cogent pricing can be used and it will save you datacenter cross-connects. And in addition you can get other Services like SpeedIX peering etc. Sent a email to

A2B Internet

Eric Bais

DataDiensten Fryslân

Arnoud Annema
+31-(0)58 845 80 00


Robert Heuvel
+31 20 750 6800


Sales department
+31 (0)70 312 07 10

British Telecom Global Services

John van Kleef
+31 (0)88 212 6141


Joost van Laar
+31 (0)53 711 41 50

KPN wholesale

Wholesale Sales Team
+31 (0)70-4460075

Relined Fiber

Relined sales
+31 (0)347358010


Arjan Kunstman
+31 (0)6 14 77 6338

Eurofiber Netherlands

T: +31(0)30 242 8993

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TReNT Fiber

T: +31(0)53 -711 41 00

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Solcon, Internet of tomorrow.

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Weserve B.V.

T: +31 (0) 74-7600370

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