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Internet Exchange connectivity

“Connect to the largest Internet Exchanges in Europe. It will boost your IP network in terms of cost and quality”

For those who like to have the most internet exchange connectivity for the best possible pricing in Europe.

Dutch Internet Exchange connection

All three Serverius data centers are offering local connections to the largest Internet Exchange connectivity in the Netherlands. By direct PoP and multiple data center partners at SDC1, SDC2, and SDC3, users can connect to the SpeedIXNL-IX, AMS-IX, or use SpeedIX its Layer 2 data transport to connect to many others.

Serverius IP network users can connect by a new cross-connect fibers, but also by VLAN on a excising cross-connect. For example, when using the Serverius redundant 100G IP-transit uplinks to your BGP routers, the same uplinks can contain extra VLANs to the SpeedIX and AMS-IX.

speedIX internet exchange in Serveirus

All Serverius data centers are core PoP locations of the free peering community SpeedIX. Users can get a free 10G peering port and use the same port for data transport (VLANs) to other data centers for free. Free peering ports can be upgraded to multiple 100G/400G ports.

Connection type: cross-connect to local data center PoP.


ams-ix partnerNL-IX data center connectivity

Ask Serverius or one of our local parties to get your direct NL-IX or AMS-IX connection (by Amsterdam low pricing).

Connection type: cross-connect to a local NL-IX / AMS-IX partner, that offers you a full NL-IX/AMS-IX membership.