Internet Exchange datacenter connectivity

In both Serverius Internet Exchange datacenter users can easily connect to the 3 largest Internet Exchanges of the Netherlands. By direct PoP and multiple datacenter partners at SDC1 and SDC2 all users can simply connect to AS-IX, NL-IX and AMS-IX. By the use of local fibers all users can simply combine carriers with all available Dutch Internet Exchanges. Therefore Serverius is the best possible connectivity datacenter in Europe.

AS-IX connectivity

Both Serverius datacenters are the core PoP locations of the peering community AS-IX. Therefore all datacenter users can get a 10G peering port for free and use also a 1Gbps VLAN to other Dutch datacenters for free. AS-IX internet exchange map

NL-IX connectivity

The NLIX is locally present in both Serverius datacenters. It’s the largest PoP’s in central Netherlands. Users can buy a from 100Mbps up to 100GE peering and IP-transit port or use the famous Layer 2 transport services to other European datacenters. Official NL-IX PoP Netherands

AMS-IX connectivity

When using the AMS-IX by partner PoP you will have 100% functionality of the AMS-IX like any other member, including private AMS-IX web interface, statistics, all peering functionality and so on.

Use one of our local carriers to connect to other European Internet Exchanges

Gtt Amsterdam

RETN international



Serverius Connectivity