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Internet connectivity

Serverius its IP network (AS50673) is providing European data center internet connectivity. It’s a mix of premium peering and international carriers like SpeedIX, Tata, Liberty Global, Cogent, and AMS-IX.

Serverius is one of the 3 largest Dutch data center internet connectivity suppliers in the Netherlands, the service is available in all Dutch data centers. Usable as normal internet access up to custom-made Layer 3 IP transit configurations. The service is famous for its high volume, direct connections to all major European carriers, and all attached IP services like Colocation, DDoS IP protection, Qbine, and others.

Premium European internet connectivity

As a premium IP network, it’s our duty to offer the best possible connectivity. Therefore a wide range of premium carriers and routes and all major Internet Exchanges with many direct fiber peers are combined in one single internet connectivity service. Proof of this quality can be found at https://lg.serverius.net, https://smokeping.serverius.net and https://speedtest.serverius.net

  • 10G, 40G, 100G, or 400G core switch ports
    Get your high-volume uplinks and get connected by redundant core-switch ports (core router/switch A + B).
  • Aggregated port payment
    Multiple uplinks at many locations your data traffic usage on 95% percentile will be calculated as one!
  • 36Tbps backbone
    Each direct fiber peering or carrier is minimally connected by multiple 100G ports and part of the 1,7 Tbps network running on our redundant 12Tbps transport backbone.
  • Free incoming data traffic
    Internet connectivity to the Serverius network will not be calculated (except for 40/100/400G uplinks).
  • Premium PNI peering included!
    All major networks in the have (100 Gbps) direct fiber connections (PNI) to Serverius. Therefore we guarantee the best possible connection to AWS, OVH, KPN, Liberty Global (Ziggo/Vodafone), etc.
  • Premium routing quality
    All routing is based on the best/shortest BGP path. Just like how BGP was invented. We only prefer some BGP routes above others when it’s better for quality, changing BGP routes to save carrier cost will never happen.
  • DDoS IP Protection and Qbine included!
    The Serverius DDoS IP Protection and Qbine can be enabled with just a mouse click.
  • BGP FlowSpec support
    In addition you can use BGP Flowspec rules by BGP community, API or web interface. With these rules you can drop data traffic and allow it, but limit it at a specific defined rate. This way you can control data traffic on the Serverius core routers before it will reach your own network.
  • Free transport between data centers
    The Serverius paid network users can use free network transport between both Serverius data center.
  • Announcement of your own IP subnets
    Don’t you have a router? No problem, we can announce your own IP subnets under the Serverius ASN AS50673.

Service availability

All internet connectivity services are available at Serverius its own 3 data centers and also in any other Amsterdam data center like Nikhef, Equinix AM7, Interxion Science Park, GlobalSwitch, or any other Dutch data center.

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Advanced data traffic statistics

The client panel shows many real-time client port statistics.:

  • Aggregated Layer 2, Layer 3 data-traffic in Mbps + the amount of packets per second.
  • Port errors. Long term history about the physical connection between you and the Serverius core-switch.
  • Insight of the most used protocols.

This information helps you to better control your network. For example, by optimizing your network speed or troubleshoot possible network problems. It will save you many hours debugging and NOC support communication.

BGP communities

As a small paid extra, BGP L3 users can use BGP communities to stop using some of the carriers of the Serverius network. For example, the BGP community 0:6777 will stop the prefix announcement to the AMS-IX.

Automatic BGP nulling & IP protection

All internet connectivity users (layer 2 and layer 3) can set Mbps or PPS thresholds per (single) IP or subnet. This will prevent full uplinks by incoming data traffic. For instance, when your network is under DDoS attack the system can automatically null-route the attacked IP. Notification with information when and why an IP was nulled is sent by SMS and email. This way you can add your clients’ email address and/or mobile number for SMS notification.

Un-nulling can be done by the client panel and even by e-mail (click on a link). You can even un-null an IP in 1 click by a mobile phone! When 2 or more email addresses are added to the notification and one of them un-nulled an IP, the other one is notified by e-mail.

If you use the Serverius DDoS protection, you can add an IP subnet to the DDoS protection with a single click!

Aggregated Top Talker statistics

Incoming traffic is hard to manage. Outgoing data traffic you can control, but incoming you can’t. Your own hardware will help you but with multiple uplinks, it’s hard to manage. You need real information about data traffic before it will hit your network. Therefore, Serverius offers their users real-time Top Talker information + clear packet per second information with divided protocol information.  It’s generated directly from the core routers, with an ultra-fast sampling rate of 1 per 10 packets!

As you can see, the one-click-nulling or one-click-IP-protection assist to null-route or DDoS protect an IP with a single mouse click! This is very useful when one of your IPs is under heavy load or DDoS attack and you want to see and take action at the attacked IP address. With nulling an IP, all traffic to this IP will no longer hit your uplinks. The nulled IP address is nulled on the Serverius routers and all peering and transit suppliers.

BGP FlowSpec support

In addition to all IP connectivity services, Serverius offers BGP Flowspec to its users as an additional service. With this BGP Flowspec, users can add Flowspec rules to the Serverius core routers using the control panel and the API. Flowspec has a lot of benefits. For example: blocking high volume data traffic like a large firewall to use it as a part of your privately owned DDoS protection network.

Flowspec is an addition to the standard BGP protocol which allows BGP peers to exchange rules for filtering or redirecting traffic based on packet headers. The philosophy here is that there is no point in sending traffic when you already know it will be dropped by the recipient. By sharing Flowspec rules with BGP peers we can minimize wasted bandwidth.

FlowSpec API

The nice thing about using Flowspec is that it will allow users to control their incoming internet connectivity limits. Since Flowspec works on the router level, any traffic block or rate-limited by Flowspec will not impact traffic usage on transit ports. For instance, when running a lot of websites, there is no need to receive UDP traffic. Instead of blocking it locally using a firewall, you can add a Flowspec rule that blocks UDP traffic. For example: if your network would be attacked by a DDoS reflection attack, the traffic will be stopped on routing level and not impact traffic usage in the rest of your private network. It will avoid full uplinks.

apiBecause the Flowspec rules can be managed using the API, it is possible to link Flowspec to systems like flow collectors or traffic analyzers.