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Dutch IP transit

“A mixture of the three largest Internet Exchanges in the Netherlands and lot’s of direct PNIs”

A service for those who like to have the most Dutch BGP routes for the best possible pricing, the “Dutch IP transit” service is by far the best option in the Netherlands.

Dutch IP transit: SpeedIX + AMS-IX + NL-IX + PNI

At all Dutch data centers in the Netherlands (also outside Serverius its own three data centers), Serverius offers all BGP routes from all known Dutch Internet Exchanges and other large networks in Europe as one single service. It’s called “Dutch IP transit”, a mix of SpeedIX, NL-IX, AMS-IX, and many direct fiber connections to large networks like Google, AWS, etc.

It’s partial route data traffic, it’s cheap, and has perfect route quality. When you have special peering wishes to peer with a network that isn’t yet in the route mix, the Serverius NOC is happy to try to add this BGP peer for you.

  • Data traffic usage:Data traffic usage:
  • Port speed:Port speed:
  • 10G

  • 499,-
  • Data traffic usage:10G unmetered
  • Port speed:1x10Gbps
  • 40G

  • 1999,-
  • Data traffic usage:40G unmetered
  • Port speed:1x40Gbps
  • 100G

  • 4499,-
  • Data traffic usage:100G unmetered
  • Port speed:1x100Gbps

* Only without (normal) Serverius full table IP-transit.
* Only with 1 up to 5-year contracts.
* Additional discount is possible when ordering new colocation racks.
* Only unmetered ports, no 95% percentile.
* You can not use it with the Serverius full table IP transit.
* Available at all Serverius Dutch datacenters and also in any other Amsterdam datacenter like Nikhef, Equinix AM7, Interxion Science Park, GlobalSwitch, or any other Dutch data center.