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Data center IP transport

Serverius offers between his own PoPs locations 10G, 40G, 100G and 400G layer 2 transport services and also 200G and 800G DWDM waves.

The Serverius IP network is build on many dark-fibers between all datacenters. Ground (dark) fibers from Amsterdam to the Serverius datacenters. Serverius is not reselling, all services are 100% provided with by own optical hardware and are maintained by the Serverius NOC department.

Serverius DWDM datacenter network

Point of Presence

  • Amsterdam Nikhef/SARA
  • Amsterdam GlobalSwitch
  • Cai Harderwijk (Loresn1)
  • Equinix AM7
  • Serverius Data Center 1 (SDC1)
  • Serverius Data Center 2 (SDC2)
  • Serverius Data Center 3 (SDC3)

“For example: if you need a 100G VLAN from Amsterdam to Serverius or if you need a low latency E-VPN from Groningen to Amsterdam, we can offer a stable and redundant setup. We offer free 1G, and paid 10G, 25G, 40G and 400G ports low latency transport services like Layer 2 VLANs, colored 800G DWDM waves, MPLS/VXLAN services, E-VPN layer2 transport and allot of custom made services. You can always contact one of our NOC engineers who can tell you all details.”


At our PoP locations our users can connect to all almost any other datacenter in Europe. And users can also use other in-house fiber suppliers like British Telecom, Eurofiber, Unet, Relined, ND-IX or KPN for buying waves and other fiber transport services.