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As one of the carrier hubs in the Netherlands, we connect your network infrastructure to the internet.

Datacenter carriers

Multiple carriers, ISP’s and Internet exchanges up to 100G interconnect in both Serverius datacenters.

Internet Exchanges

NL-IX, SpeedIX, or AMS-IX datacenter connectivity. Connect to the largest Internet Exchanges in the Netherlands.

Internet connectivity

High-performance IP premium connectivity with lots of tooling to manage it.

Datacenter IP transport

VLAN’s, DWDM, wavelengths to connect in and outside the Serverius datacenters.

All connectivity service are used by other datacenters, internet access providers, internet service providers, web hosting companies, cloud providers, and large internet platforms. All of them have just one thing in common: they all need high-quality internet connectivity and protected internet IP infrastructure services on which they can really trust.

Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland