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Serverius starts Compute as a Service

It’s clear that the position of data centers is shifting. The arrival of the cloud hyperscalers is one of the reasons but certainly not the only one. Because cloud services are becoming the norm, customers are starting to expect Compute as a Service pay-per-use models.

Contracts with very short timeframes, billed per used hour and dynamically adding and removing resources is commonplace. The physical infrastructure and the role of the datacenter by extension, is becoming less relevant to the end customer.

Changing priorities

As a consequence of these developments companies that rely colocation and other datacenter services should start to think how this will impact their business. They can buy their own hardware to host their services, as has been done for many years. Its a known fact that this makes acting on changing demands in a timely manner very difficult. A way to mitigate this is to buy additional hardware in case of unexpected peak usage or move to virtualized shared resources. Both solutions are far from ideal. Buying additional hardware adds financial risk and using shared resources limits flexibility and is not fit for every workload. We also notice that for a lot of our customers the physical hardware is not of much interest. There is a strong preference in buying the resources as a service with strong guarantees on reliability. We as a infrastructure provider need to change our priorities to better service our customers needs.

Changing colocation needs

We at Serverius have listened closely to these changing demands and looked at how we can change our business to match. We expect that our current colocation business, where we basically rent out datacenter space and power, will become less important. It will however never disappear and remain one of our core offerings. We do expect that customers, from your local IT integrator to big enterprises, will start asking the same questions they get from their own customer base. They demand scalability, flexibility, fewer investments upfront and rapid delivery of resources. They need compute as a server, which is why we introduce our new offering: ‘Core Compute as a Service’.

Core Compute as a Service

CCaaS is a service where we as an infrastructure company provide a pool of hardware hosted in our own datacenters. This means that at any moment we can literally point to the device that is storing your data. This matches well with the current customer needs. In the first few months we expect this service to be used primairily as a temporary capacity-boost by our current colocation customers of new customers with existing colocation in other datacenters. For various reasons they prefer bare metal servers over the current public cloud offerings. The primary drivers are the costs of public clouds at scale and the reliability and quality due to its shared nature. CCaaS offers dedicated servers with the flexibility and programmability of the public clouds at a reasonable cost.

“It’s very appreciated by our clients that we have the guts to add value to their services by doing  things that other parties do not do”

CCaaS is a resource

CCaaS is an infrastructure service, a resource, not a finished product for end-users. It’s the forth component of our portfolio that already includes colocation, connectivity and cybersecurity. It’s fully integrated with our current offerings. The solution should not be seen as a replacement of our colocation services. It’s an extension that gives our customers the possibility to act much faster on changing market demands. A customer can order the physical servers, obfiosly online, with our without one of our preconfigured images. The whole ordering and deployment process is fully automated, as is we with everything here at Serverius. The CCaaS customer can be up-and-running in minutes and only pays for the used resources. When the customer terminates the server its disks are automatically wiped and zeroed, and then released back to the available pool. All just a few mouse-clicks away.

Redundant and secure

The CCaaS resource pools are hosted in the Serverius datacenters in Dronten and Meppel. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve invested heavily in our location in Dronten and are doubling the available datacenter space. Because we offer the service from our two datacenters a customer can be fully redundant without the minimal amount of added complexity. Obviously the customer can add our other connectivity and security services to maximize reliability and security.

Because of our service offerings and technical know-how we are in the unique position to offer a complete solution with minimal hassle for our customers. We’ve done much more then just buying a ton of servers and adding a few buttons to our client portal. Our added value lies in the experts that we employ, who build and operate this fully automated platform and can support our customers every step of the way. Each component is under our own control and fully integrate, from datacenter, the carrier network, the cybersecurity to the automated platform and the client portal.


We expect to scale the CCaaS platform to at least 1.000 nodes this year. But we are already working on the next generation that adds even more flexibility by offering CPU and GPU cycles and storage as a service. We will not stop here and take every opportunity to improve our offerings and meet our customer needs. We are looking forward to your feedback. Feel free to contact us with any question or remark you might have.