Twin data center colocation

Serverius offers all-in-one dual data center colocation solutions
with premium 2N+1 power, redundant IP services, free network
data transport services in between both data centers.

Serverius offers companies to build their own dual data center setup. The additional Serverius NOCaaS, IP Connect, and Cybersecurity services will support the users in to create their private IT infrastructure with the highest possible uptime and flexibility.

Serverius Data Center Dronten (SDC1)

Serverius Data Center Meppel (SDC2)

Serverius Data Center Apeldoorn (SDC3)

  • Co-location at two or three geographically separated locations.
  • All data centers are using a different/ independent power grid in the Netherlands (Liander and Enexis).
  • Free data transport between the data centers (cross-connects provided by a special transport network or SpeedIX).
  • Usage of different IP carriers like Retn, NL-IX, OpenPeering etc. for your routers (different ASN, different routers).
  • Free Layer 2 data transport to Amsterdam.

Questions about dual data center colocation?

If you want to discuss all options of the twin data center setup you can contact Dennis, Alfred or Gijs directly. All three of them have many years of experience in premium multi site colocation an are up-to-date with the current market need of colocation.

Alfred van den Berg
Head technical infrastructure
Alfred van den Berg
Head technical infrastructure


Language: Dutch, English, German.

Merlijn de Leeuw
On-site support engineer
Merlijn de Leeuw
On-site support engineer


Dennis Doorten
Head client support
Dennis Doorten
Head client support


Language: Dutch, English

twin datacenter colocation

General information:

  • Prices are the same for all location and our independent co-location services facilitate all desired connectivity with the data center of the client’s choice.
  • Linear distance: +/- 50KM between both data centers.
  • Dark fiber distance: 66,30km (+/- 15,43dB).
  • Latency / RTT is +/- 0.8~1.0 ms.
  • Free transport by VLAN between all locations is offered on a separate fiber channel without touching the internet, without using any of Serverius its internet switching/routing hardware.

Request your colocation quote

Please fill in the default form below and you will receive within 24 hours a pdf colocation quote of
racks in both data centers and free data transport in between.
Later on an engineer will contact you to ask you if the quote contains everything you need.