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Hardware finance services

Private hardware financing services. You can pay your private hardware at once or in monthly parts and receive extra discounts and hardware guarantee by Serverius its volume hardware purchase.

In addition to our Serverius colocation services, Serverius is offering hardware financing services to its clients, commonly named as “Lease To Own”.

How it works

This tailor-made hardware financing service offers our users to pay their own selected hardware quotes in parts. After all parts are paid off, users automatically get full hardware ownership and they can keep using their hardware in their Serverius colocation cabinet(s).

By default, Serverius will compare client its hardware quote with its own Serverius suppliers to get better pricing and better hardware guarantee. But when there is no advantage its own, it will just use the quote of the client.

There are 3 ways users can get their hardware:

  1. Tailor-made hardware loan: Client will pay the financial investment amount of the hardware in monthly parts with an additional % interest and always 21% Dutch VAT. When all monthly parts are paid off, the user will be automatically the legal owner of the hardware.
  2. Tailor-made intentional hardware lease: For non-European Client(s), Serverius will buy hardware and will lease it for a certain amount of monthly fees without 21% VAT (in most cases this will include interest and other services like connectivity, cybersecurity etc.). When all contracted monthly fees are all paid, client can still use the hardware in its colocation cabinet of Serverius. Serverius is the legal owner of the hardware but when client want to become the legal owner, he needs to pay 21% VAT of the total hardware investment afterwards (this 21% Serverius will forward to the Dutch tax authorities and the hardware will be marked as “sold”).
  3. Serverius hardware solution consultancy: Client will forward its hardware need to Serverius and Serverius will advice which hardware is best to use and offers Client a financially loan or lease for it.

Request a quote

Fill in the form below to receive a good quote. After completing the form a Serverius engineer will get in touch with you and advice you if needed.

Top benefits:

  1. Pay off your hardware in a predetermined periods.
  2. Serverius will assist you during possible hardware failure (towards the hardware supplier).
  3. Get better pricing by Serverius its high purchase volume.


  • This service is only applicable to Serverius private cabinet colocation and single unit colocation clients.
  • As long as the total financial amount has not been paid off:
    – Physical hardware access at the datacenter is only allowed under the supervision of a Serverius engineer.
    – Hardware adjustments are only possible after approval from Serverius.
    – Hardware may not leave the Serverius data center.
  • Depending the risk profile of the client, a pre-payment fee may and/or higher interest percentage can be required.
  • Payment periods are up to 36 months. Low risk clients can have longer periods.
  • By default only new hardware request are allowed, but in some cases refurbished hardware is allowed (if it is from a known supplier).