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Greenfield datacenter colocation

“Tailor-made greenfield datacenter environment that meets your colocation needs”

By using Serverius its private greenfield datacenter environment, you can rely on 20 years of knowledge, specialized staff, fiber interconnection, on-site support and certification. It is cost-effective and it will adjust to al your wholesale colocation needs.

Floor space colocation data centerAt Serverius datacenter number 2 (SDC2) we offer a greenfield that can be attached to the current datacenter. Building availability up to 2 building floors (double the current size). It can host up to +/- 800 colocation racks and 6MW on power.

Available at SDC2:

  • Greenfield within the Serverius electric fence
  • Up to 5MW
  • Private office space with shared meeting rooms and coffee corner available
  • Above sea level

private datacenter rooms Netherlands Amsterdam

At Serverius datacenter number 3 (SDC3) we offer two concrete private rooms that can be used to build your own datacenter in the Netherlands.  It can host up to +/- 100 colocation racks per room, which can hold up to 1000 KW power per data room. There is still 5MW (transformer) power available, therefore there will be no power shortage in the upcoming years.

Available at SDC3:

  • Up to 6MW, A, and B by two or three in-house transformers.
  • Pre-installed water cooling piping to the cooling engine room for quick installation.
  • Free use of shared datacenter office space, meeting rooms, the coffee corner.
  • Above sea level.
meetingroom data center
kitchen data center