European dish & antenna colocation

Square meters at the datacenter where users can place their private dish hardware. The perfect place for anyone who want to receive satellite signals to transport these to his to his personal home.

By its geographically location and noise free environment Serverius offers the most stable dish colocation in the Netherlands.

Dish colocation service description

The Serverius dish colocation service offers secure square meters to host its client own personal dish hardware. Serverius does not own the hardware, users need to bring their own equipment to the datacenter where they can use additional services like colocation and connectivity to convert and transport the signals over the internet to their home.

The Serverius engineers can perform basic installation like dish placement, cabling, installation of colocation hardware, simple aligning, etc. but advanced aligning a user should do himself. If needed, we can forward you some external dish companies who can perform this kind of tasks.

If you are not able to sent your hardware to the datacenter, Serverius can assist by purchase equipment for you. For this you can sent your requirements to the department.

Technical dish questions?

Selin and Alfred can give you advice on dish size, setup and alignment and can give you a datacenter tour.

Alfred van den Berg
Head technical infrastructure
Selin Yilmaz
On-site support engineer

Get your dish colocation quote

Please fill in the form below and you will receive within 24 hours a pdf colocation quote.
Later on an engineer will contact you to ask you if the quote contains everything you need.
If things need to be changed or you have questions, you can discus with him.

What do I need to use the Serverius dish colocation service?

In order to use the Serverius dish colocation service, you should be thinking about purchasing and placing your own dish equipment with LNB, rackable servers with TBS cards, multiswitches to receive and transmit the signals to your hardware and also your own network switch.

Can I buy or rent servers from Serverius for dish colocation?

This is not possible as Serverius does not have hardware that is compatible with TBS cards. You will have to buy your own equipment and send it to the DC.

What signals can I receive?

You can receive almost any signal that you want, depending on the size (and distance) of the dish that you want to place. Best signals to receive are: Astra 19.2E – Hotbird – Thor5 – Astra 28.2 – Hispasat 30W

Do I need to install the dish myself?

You can send the equipment to one of the datacenters and we can install the dish for you. However, this option will cost you extra (setup fee). You can also visit the datacenter yourself (or send your engineer) and install the dish yourself to safe some additional costs.

What type of rack colocation do I need for this?

When condidering taking a dish colocation at Serverius, you need your own private cabinet for your equipment. This can be our smallest cabinet starting from 14U – middle 20U private rack or largest 45U private rack. It all depends on how many servers you want to place inside the cabinet.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth depends on which signals you want to receive and transmit. If you are planning on sending a lot of HD channels, the total bandwidth is also important.
Most of our Clients start with 1G unmetered bandwidth on 1Gbps uplink but grow fast in a short time to 10G, 20G and some even up to 40G unmetered.
Based on your requirements, we can offer you the best network connection within the Netherlands and towards other countries like Germany by our private peering with DTAG.

What is the average price for dish colocation?

When considering to take dish colocation service at Serverius, you should think about the monthly recurring costs of a private cabinet + power and network usage but also the dish costs.

Average costs for 1x 20U private rack + 1Gbps unmetered traffic and 5A power usage: 639 EUR,- a month (recurring)
Average dish colocation costs: 1x Dish up to 120CM + 4x coax = 179,- EUR a month (recurring)
Total: Around 820,- EUR per month.

* These are estimated prices – The final monthly price can be different depending on the service.

Are there any additional costs?

There are additional costs that you need to consider in your calculations.

Serverius needs to purchase and place their own cabling from your dish(lnb) to your cabinet as we do not allow Clients to use their own cabling due to cable management and safety. Additional costs are for cabling material, cross connect placement, dish install and alignment if requested.
The exact setup price varies on the total work that needs to be delivered.

What about delivery time?

Depending on the total work that needs to be done, the average delivery time for dish colocation is around 14 days.