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European dish & antenna colocation

At the private property of Serverius users can colocate their own private dish hardware to connect them to our high speed fiber network to Europe.

The datacenter environment where you can connect safely to multiple satellites like Eutelsat, Astra and Hotbird. Because the Serverius datacenters are located outside large city industry environment, Serverius provides a noise free industry environment for your high quality dish co-location. There is a short cabling from the dish outside to the private co-location racks because we are using special ducts to the data rooms. With this ducts the cable length to your rack is short and it saves you many hours mounting. In total it will give less distortion and saves a lot of installation time.

Serverius is the most popular data center in the Netherlands for dish colocation. Therefore, the engineers have the knowledge to support your dish on a professionally way. Visit one of our data centers and talk to the engineers. You will see that it is by far the best place in northern Europe is to place your dish.

Serverius accepts small to large dishes up to 3 meter. Small dishes can be put down with a simple stone weight on the roof. Larger dishes will be mounted within the high secured area with secured by electric fence, camera and human security personnel.

These dishes can be received at various dish sizes:

30w Hispasat
12.5W Eutelsat12
5W Eutelsat5
0.8W Thor
4.8E Astra4
9E Eutelsat 9
13e Hotbird
16e Eutelsat 16
19.2e Astra1
23.5e Astra3
26e Badr4
28.2e Astra2
42e Turksat

Bigger dishsizes or other Satellites can be requested.

We can give you advice on dish size, setup and alignment.

Key Benefits:

  • Dish colocation up to 3 meter
  • Unlimited UPS + diesel power protection
  • Short cable length to the co-location rack. The average is only 20 meters!
  • Dish co-location start with only €69,- per month!
  • Private access: you get your own personal access card for 24/7 dish access.
  • Connect to high volume internet upload and download speed to 100Gbps.
  • Easy setup: quick cable access by special ducts to the colocation rooms.
  • Dish co-location space is immediately available. Visit us today!


Most dish colocation customers have their own engineer to place their own dish at the datacenter, allign it and have their own equipment. Serverius can provide this service too if the customer has no engineer available to help alligning the dish. Serverius has skilled engineers on-site that can help you with the dish installation. Serverius recommends all dish colocation customers to use high quality coax cables and prefers to use the coax or fiber cables that Serverius can offer (due to cable management).  It is also possible to have a dish expert to do the installation from start to end for you.
Keep in mind that setup/installation of dish colocation by Serverius engineers or dish experts is not free.