Datacenter infrastructure

[inwave_heading title=”2nd generation datacenter infrastructure of Serverius”]The level of datacenter infrastructure quality also determines the performance from a datacenter. The two Serverius datacenters provide a infrastructure where your hardware will deliver the best possible performance. [/inwave_heading]

Serverius is using strict methods to maintain the datacenters on daily base. If needed we can show how periodically maintenance is performed. Like you may expect, every piece of the datacenter part is maintained by the supplier it selves, and documentation of it is on site for those who want to see proof of it.



Uptime:100% uptime in 2N since 2009100% uptime in N+1 since 2014
Size:800m2 floor space with 200m2 office space on a 1800M2 private territory.400m2 floor space per data-room (total of 6 rooms) with 400m2 office space on a 4000M2 private territory.
Amount of racks:Data room 1: 60, Data room 2: 140, Data room 3: 140.Data room 1: 100 (started in 2015), The datacenter is expandable up to 800 HD 64Amp racks.
Default rack size:1000mm deep, 46U and 48U racks in cooling alley1000mm deep, 47U and 51U racks in cooling alley

EnvironmentPurpose-built box-in-Box datacenter. Heavy steel construction + double concrete exterior.
Located in the center of the Netherlands. Easy to reach with car, train, plain or bus.
Family owned Company. Datacenter buildings and all equipment are 100% privately owned by Serverius. No building, equipment or else is leased or rented.
Region:The datacenters are just 70KM outside of Amsterdam, safe outside the below seal level and terrorist risk area. By direct fiber connection to Amsterdam and Germany, our clients can use the best of both worlds.
Above sea-level:No, but located in the most secure dike area of ​​the Netherlands.Yes. Whole region is above sea level + data rooms are 2 meter above ground level.
Contractor:Both datacenters are entirely built by: ICTroom. Only premium A brands are used.

Power capacity:Connected to the 10kV power grid ring, 2MWConnected to the 10kV power grid ring, 4MW (expandable)
Power facilities:Fully hot-swap, no break, A and B feed.Fully hot-swap, no break, A and B feed
UPS:N+2 (ABB) batteriesN+1 flywheel! (CAT)
Generators:Fuel available on-site for more than 100 hours continuous emergency power.
Power per rack:>10 kW (32 Amp per feed)>25 kW (32 Amp per feed)

Cooling:Redundant N+1Redundant N+1
Cooling type:2nd generation DX in enclosed air system.2nd generation DX in enclosed air system + adiabatic outside air cooling expansion.
Temperature:26°C up to26°C
Cold Corridor System:YesYes
PUE (Power Usage Efficiency)less than 1.24 in 20151.21 in 2015

Fire detection:Certified Enterprise-class fire detection and suppression fire detection and prevention installation + VESDA.
Monitoring:dCMS to monitors both datacenters

Security:24/7 camera monitoring & recording.
24/7 Intrusion detection with real-time reporting to human NOC + security control center and surveillance security company.
Territory is protected with a iron fence with 10.000 volts.
– Two-Factor access by personal access pass card + biometric fingerprint reader or access “pin” code.

Network speedMultiple 100Gbps paths (by MRV DWDM OptiDriver).
Separate fiber backbones toAmsterdam 1 and 2, Hardewijk (via Zwolle), Serverius DC2.Amsterdam, Groningen, Frankfurt, Serverius DC1, Hamburg
In-house fiber backbonesBT, Relined, Eurofiber, KPNBT, Relined, KPN
Meet Me Rooms1 Meet Me Room in center of the building. Darkfiber backbones by 4 different paths into the building.2 Meet Me Rooms in different parts of the building. Fiber backbones come by 2 different paths into the building.

Offices:Free use of luxury flex working spaces & meeting rooms, coffee and tea, toilets for men and woman, parking space on fenced company property, wired and wireless internet connection.
Certification:Yes, read more>>