Private datacenter cage suite or alley

Serverius offers tailor made private datacenter cage suite or alley colocation. We offer from small to large to turnkey cooling alleys in private locked or share data rooms. The general environment such as cooling, 24×7 onsite support, connectivity, emergency power, building security will be used.

At the Serverius datacenters you can rent Private cooling alleys with or without your own fence. From 10 up to 42 high density racks in a row, it will meet your colocation needs.

Please contact the sales department for more information.

Technical questions about tailor-made cages?

If you want to discuss all options of a private cage you can contact Dennis, Alfred or Gijs directly. All three of them have many years of experience in large volume colocation an are up-to-date with the current market need of private cages.

Alfred van den Berg
Head technical infrastructure
Gijs van Gemert
Managing director
Dennis Doorten
Head client support

Free cross connects to the meet-me rooms

To build your private network or to use the Serverius network, every alley or private cage will get 10 free cross-connects to the meet-me room.

Luxury office space

You can rent your luxury office space inside the datacenter building. This include WiFi, office cleaning, luxury kitchen, free coffee and more. Our luxury meeting rooms can be used for free, your private parking space is withing the datacenter fence and you can use a personal storage room together with many other options.

Free internet connectivity

You will get a redundant 1Gpbps or 10Gbps Serverius network connection for free. This can be upgraded to multiple 10Gbps or 40Gbps ports with several network services.

On-site support

When you are not at the datacenter, you can rely on the free 7 days a week on-site support. This team of experienced engineers will assist in all possible ways.