Data center transfer service

The Serverius data center transfer service will move hardware from other data centers to the Serverius data centers for free. By strict upfront planning, disassembling by experienced engineers, safe multi transportation, upfront network movement all the colocation transfers went perfectly.

Discuss your possible movement with one of these engineers which performed many data center transfers:

Dennis Doorten
Head client support
Michiel Kuper
On-site support engineer
Max Twigt
On-site support engineer
Jordie van Hien
On-site support engineer

“We can transfer your hardware from any European data center.
For example, we moved clients from England, Italy, Germany and Sweden to the Netherlands”

Secure movement by strict policy

Each existing colocation infrastructure is unique. Therefore together with the customer Serverius will make a clear overview of the current and new colocation infrastructure. The colocation rack itself space, power, connectivity, announcing IP-space etc. for the new colocation environment will be performed upfront. Every department will assist and will be available during the movement itself. When this is done, a clear movement planning is agreed between client and Serverius to move the hardware without any surprises and mistakes. This combination of people and strict planning ensures a smooth migration.

Moving is possible 24/7, from each data center within the European Union. For example, its not a problem if you want to move on a Sunday night at 4 am. This year Serverius moved several customers from the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. With our private transport minibuses all client hardware was moved safe and in the shortest possible time.

Move without any cost

Serverius offers this relocation service to its customers for free. The reason is because we like to get new customers and secondly that because of our hardware moments we are able to travel and see and meet people outside the Netherlands.

Therefore only resource costs such as petrol, dinner or hotel costs are billed. All hours of network engineers, drivers and remote handheld characters are free, as are time for making plans and all communication in advance will not invoiced (normally the engineers will get a small personal present afterwards).