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BrainField, using AI with low barriers

Purpose build Artificial Intelligence platform environments, there AI models will run smoothly and secure.

BrainField is a purpose build Artificial Intelligence (AI) environment that uses pre-build infrastructure blocks. Per client, Serverius engineers will build a storage, labeling, training, and inference workflow environment.

Tailor-made AI workload platform

“Brainfield its dedicated software and hardware environment offers everything you need to train and run large-scale Artificial Intelligence models”

Private AI infrastructures

Shared or private environments, hosted and operated from our own facilities in the Netherlands. Compliant with all European rules and guidelines and part of the Serverius service ecosystem, you can develop, train and run your models the best way possible.

Using MaaS, EuroStack, Qbine, and private Connectivity, your data and models are running in a guaranteed safe environment. The storage solution seamlessly integrates into the AI platform which offers many tools to transform, normalize and label the data. Using AutoML, AI models can assist you with the tedious labeling process while increasingly getting better during the process.

BrainField offers support for custom models based on a large number of libraries. Our model marketplace has a selection of pre-built and tuned models ready to use. Models can be trained with unparalleled speed on our vast cluster of AI servers. They are equipped with both the latest GPUs and dedicated Deep Learning ASICs, ready for any workload.

Also, the last stage in the process, the inference stage, is supported by a dedicated cluster of servers. A containerized version of the model can be flexibly scheduled and run in the Inference Cloud.

“100% compliant to European rules and guidelines”