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Serverius Connectivity & Colocation services

Serverius is a Connectivity and Colocation service supplier which is located in the Netherlands in between Europe’s largest internet backbones of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The high quality services are supplied to international enterprise corporations who need trustful presence in Europe.

Main advantages of Serverius:

Serverius has several important advantages. Below are some overall benefits of the Serverius services.

  • Serverius is offering all-in-one IT infrastructure solution. The perfect environment to host your own infrastructure.
  • The famous client panel is developed day by day to give more power to the users.
  • Both datacenters of Serverius are connected with multiple separate fiber backbone paths (physical fibers in the ground).
  • The on-site engineers are 7 days a week available to assist clients with all kinds of remote support.
  • All Serverius personnel is trustful and widely screened of good behavior and non criminal activity in the past. Also paper proof of it from the Dutch government is on-site available.
  • Client have 24×7 independent access to the datacenter.
  • Due to the geographic location of the Serverius datacenters, Serverius is the only network what is directly connected to the German and Dutch internet exchanges (lots of other Dutch networks have also AMS-IX and DE-CIX connections, but they all passing Amsterdam… Therefore it will give longer fiber paths and longer latency).
    Unique in the Netherlands!
  • The Serverius network is one of the 3 largest commercial networks in the Netherlands (Amsterdam region included). Directly connected by multiple dark-fiber supplier to other Amsterdam and German datacenters.


  • All items such as air conditioners, generators, ups, extinguishing, have their own maintenance contract what is provide by the original supplier itself. These maintenance contract are available to read in the data center. Datacenter, network maintenance & monitoring is done by a large team. A team of well trained personnel only.
  • It is a neutral datacenter. Serverius does not provide competitive services like voip, cloud, hosting or else. Therefore Serverius does not compete with his own customers. Not even through a subsidiary related company.
  • Serverius DC2 is the only international based datacenter of the Netherlands which is really above sea level. The Serverius datacenter is build on ground what is above sea level, therefore the server racks are above sea level (like almost all Amsterdam or Dutch datacenters are), yes the whole datacenter is.
  • Low cost and risk. Serverius is for many years a privately owned company. We own everything within the datacenter. No leasing, no renting of buildings, no external investors and more that will increase the cost. The result: a premium product for the lowest pricing in the Netherlands.

A part of the European infrastructure

Serverius believes that Colocation and Connectivity infrastructure services are the most essential part of the society. Therefore the best quality should be provided to apply to the user expectations of today.


“Serverius is a financially stable company for many years.
We own the ground, the datacenter buildings, the equipment, the hardware, the network, the fibers. No reselling or whatsoever”


To meet the ongoing need of new innovative services Serverius its own research and development department is continuously innovating new and better products. By doing this own development for many years, Serverius became the largest commercial infrastructure company in central Netherlands.