IT infrastructure
that fuels your success


Reliable datacenter housing with 100% uptime and 24/7/365 on-site support.

Cloud storage

EuroStack: distributed block & object storage for European Enterprises.


Carrier connectivity for businesses that need premium IP connectivity.

NOC as a Service

Build, maintain, and 24/7 Network Operations Center monitoring.

DDoS protection

Layer 3, 4, and 7 website DDoS protection + DDoS stress testing.

AI as a Service

BrainField: Enterprise-level Artificial Intelligence without being a data scientist.

Website security

Qbine: a security and optimization platform for European websites.

Metal as a Service

MaaS: bare metal server hardware in addtion to you hybrid cloud.

Serverius is the largest all-in-one IT infrastructure supplier in the Netherlands.
It’s the best place in Europe to host your private IT infrastructure.

Our users are large internet platforms, data centers, internet access providers, internet service providers, web hosting companies, and cloud providers. All kind of companies who are using Serverius as their IT infrastructure to deliver services to their end-users. They all have one thing in common; they need high-quality and protected internet infrastructure services on which they can trust.

Official Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) member

DINL Stichting Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland member

NLNOG official sponsor

Your colocation infrastructure connected to the digital gateway of Europe

High-density colocation environments to co-locate your infrastructure in a high interconnected data center environment.

European S3 storage

European S3 storage

Whether you need a second copy in the cloud, off-site ransomware recovery place, or long-term storage, Serverius its European storage platform EuroStack offers it.

“We make the web faster and more secure”

1693 colocation racks, 89600 DDoS protected IP subnet, 27.400 Qbine domains, one of the three largest IP networks in the Netherlands, and 64 external IP infrastructure networks under NOCaaS management.
made and mannaged in Europe

100% European service guarantee

Serverius is a 100% European company that is supported by European engineers. We fully own and support the data centers, the network, the solutions, the technology. All Serverius services are built, maintained, and supported by Serverius’s own engineers, without the intervention of any other (non-European) parties. Serverius applies 100% to Dutch law without any non-European government jurisdiction. Therefore your data is safe and complies with the highest safety standards.

In addition to all commercial services, Serverius stores its client data on locally hosted environments that are under only our own control. No externally hosted (cloud) services or management services are used. All personal data of our users is processed even more strictly than the default GDPR and ISO certification.

To underline the strict service offering and high data care, everything part of Serverius its internal policies is periodically checked by the BSI information security ISO and NEN standards.

Therefore, your data is safe.

DDoS protection

Layer 3 and 4, and 7 website DDoS protection, game DDoS protection, and DDoS stress testing.

Website security

Qbine is your website hygiene platform. It’s the first step to optimize and secure your website.