Serverius network infrastructure overview

Redundant transport, dual-country fiber connectivity, local carriers, above sea level, using the best possible power grid, offers users the best connectivity gateway to Europe.

As only datacenter in the Netherlands, Serverius is connected with a redundant fiber path to Amsterdam (less then 1 millisecond) and with another redundant fiber path directly to Frankfurt Germany (+/- 6 millisecond). No other datacenter in the Netherlands or Germany comes even close to this perfect infrastructure.

By using private fibers from different suppliers, Serverius is offering IP services in or outside Serverius it’s own datacenters. All network related services can be used on all locations where our fiber is running.

The Serverius network infrastructure overview

Main services

  • Normal internet connectivity
  • IP-transit for BGP routers
  • Transport services like waves, VLAN’s and E-VPN
  • IP protection services
  • Cross-connects to all available carriers en Europe

Carrier connectivity

Beside the Serverius datacenters SDC1 andSDC2 the network have it’s Point of Presence in Amsterdam and Germany where users can connect directly from or to other networks.

By Retn and NL-ix users can connect to any network on the globe.

Above sea level

Serverius SDC1 is located below sea level (same as all west side datacenters like Amsterdam/Rotterdam) and Serverius SDC2 had it’s feed above water. In case of a blackout by flooding at the west side of the Netherlands, the Serverius datacenters will still be working.

Dual connected power grid

The Serverius network is routed over two physical datacenter locations, connected to different power grids from two different suppliers (Liander and Enexis). Both do not use the critical west side power grid (Amsterdam/Rotterdam region). Together it offers the best possible dual datacenter environment in the Netherlands.