Network Operations Center as a Service

Serverius offers tailor made Network Operations Center (NOC) services.
We design, build, manage and monitor IP network infrastructures of companies
which need the highest possible speed and uptime.

Realizing our customers connectivity challenges and maintain their IP infrastructure is what we do. In or outside Serverius its own datacenters, the 24/7 NOC department supports long distance DWDM, switching, carrier BGP routing, firewalling, etc.

Your partner in 100% uptime.

The NOC service is famous because we work with and on behalf of our clients. By written protocols upfront all tasks can be divided by Serverius and the user itself. This way there is still one captain on the ship but users can join and assist and learn how to do it. Some will like to learn how control the ship, others will only watch and be informed. Therefore the Serverius NOCaaS will apply to everyone its needs.

Our certified Juniper, Huawei, Cisco, Adva and Infinera engineers can assist with almost every brand currently on the market.

Discuss your solution with our main NOCaaS engineers

Hidde van der Heide
Network engineer & R&D director
Sergey Petukhin
Head connectivity infrastructure
Aleksandr Belytskyi
IP infrastructure engineer
Mathijs Hengst
Junior NOC engineer

“We’re the captain, you’re the sailor and together we team”

Transparent communication and tooling

Fast error detection and efficient work flow management is provided by the own build NOC software platform. In case of an error it will provide related information to the NOC engineers who will take action when needed.

The NOCaaS informs users by tickets, phone, SMS, clients panels and a good active hardware network map. This way the user is automatically informed and he can follow the status of every issue. And it is also working the other way around because when a user for example unplug a cable on his side, the Serverius NOC will see it is a manual action of him. In total it’s fast, transparent, it prevent human mistakes and it will safe time and therefore money on both sides.

Certified datacenter and NOC

The Serverius NOCaaS is performed by the same people who monitor the Serverius IP network. All are well trained engineers with many years of experience. They are monitoring 24×7 the private fiber backbones, the Serverius BGP network and all related network services.  Because of the high structure of the internal NOC organization, the professional way of working between engineers and software our NOC is ISO 27001 certified. It proofs a professional setup where users can rely on. Download here the certificates.

Screened NOC engineers

After assisting thousands of clients in the past, the Serverius NOC engineers are known as friendly and trustful to everybody. To emphasize it Serverius can show their clients a declaration of good behavior (provided by the Dutch government) from all engineers.